Wednesday, 3 June 2009

More on BT's NHS contract extension

(By Richard Holway 10.00pm 3rd June 09) Further to my report on Tuesday night - BT wins £500m extension to its NHS contract, Tola Sargeant from Ovum wrote her usual excellent review of the issue – BT NHS contract value up by £546m despite delays. Tola, one of the highly valued Ovum Holway team, has intimately followed the NHS IT programme from the very start and is probably now one of the UK’s experts on the area.

The other person who has followed the NPfIT from the very start is our friend Tony Collins from Computer Weekly . You can read his views – BT gets £500m NPfIT windfall – but was NHS over a barrel? We've had our differences with Tony on his reporting of this contract but never lost our respect for him. Anyway, he's probably (unfortunately) been proved to be right!

Both Tola and Tony say pretty similar things to my report – except I published mine on Tuesday evening!

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