Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New TechMarketView AnalystViews published

Today, exclusively for our growing band of subscribers, we publish a major new AnalystViews entitled The Effect of a Conservative Government on UK SITS.

The events of the last few weeks and days seems to make the election of a Conservative Government even more of a certainty. The only variables seem to be When? and By what majority? You never know, we might see it within months rather than a year.

What will this mean for the UK SITS sector?

We looked at the austere economic environment faced by the country, we looked at how a Conservative Government would act with increased austerity in the early years, we studied all the policy statements. We even spoke to the Shadow Cabinet minister responsible for delivery. We also spoke to the leaders of the SITS companies operating in the UK. We applied that to our knowledge and experience of the SITS sector.

We came up with a list of sectors and companies that would be Winners and Losers.

The AnalystViews is in two parts.

  • Part One is our views and findings.

  • Part Two is a unique departure for us as it presents, verbatim, the views of senior executives from industry who responded to our LinkedIn request for comments. We were amazed at both the quantity and quality of responses that we received.

If ever there was a ‘Report for the Moment’ this is it! The election of a Conservative Government will affect all our readers and subscribers. Best to be prepared!

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